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About Us

Printemps Pottery is a home-based, Husband and Wife team of potters. Nevan and Doug have been creating handmade stoneware creations full-time since 2008.

Nevan earned her BFA in ceramics from Southern Illinois University in 2002. During her years at SIU she gained teaching experience in the student center craft shop. After graduating, Nevan moved to Baltimore to work and teach at Baltimore Clayworks. She moved to Annapolis, MD in 2004 to be the production manager for the Annapolis Pottery.

After several years creating work for others, Nevan decided she missed teaching and found a position at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis. This helped inspire her to start creating her own designs and to finally go for it on her own.

Doug became a potter reluctantly at first. Nevan had just started teaching her first class at Maryland Hall and Doug, with the help of his friend Nancy, decided to try it. He was immediately hooked and soon became an avid student of ceramics.At the time he was working as an independant contractor in flooring but with the crash of the economy found himself with much more free time to practice his new skills.

Printemps Pottery has grown and thrived since 2008 because of the dedication and love Nevan and Doug have for clay and its diversity. The designs and pieces are made especially for those who appreciate well-crafted, beautifully colored, and durable pottery. Each of the pots are made one at a time by hand and have been brought through a rigorous process. For those who are unfamiliar with that it involves: Weighing the clay, throwing the clay to the desired shape, letting that piece dry to what is called leather hard so it can then be trimmed/finished on the edges and bottom, in some cases adding a handle or other embellishment, dryed thoroughly, sanded to assure there are no sharp edges, placed in the kiln and fired to 1860 degrees, unloaded, wiped again so the dust will not interfere with the glaze, waxed on the bottom and/or between lid and pot, glazed (many of our pieces have three different layers of glaze), wiped again so the bottom will not have any glaze bits and stick to the kiln shelf, loaded back into the kiln and fired again to 2223 degrees! Whew!

We are excited to introduce Printemps Pottery to the world of internet shopping and hope you will find that favorite piece to use in your everyday routine. We love being a part of so many people's lives on that personal level and hope we can be a part of yours! Thank You for visiting.